Why use Seeds from Wild Flora?

When compared to cultivated seeds, wild flora seeds store up a larger part of the genetic diversity of a species. They are stronger and better resist extreme soil or climate conditions, and are therefore better at adapting to different climates or soils. They also present higher resistance  and resilience while faced with plagues or disease.

Using wild seeds favours botanical diversity and varietal pureness in every restoration project or application they are introduced in.

Also, when cultivated for the purpose of extracting essential oils, the organoleptic properties of these wild species prove to reach higher values and of better quality than of species cultivated traditionally.

Benefits of using seeds of wild plants:

  • Better adaptation to all types of edaphoclimatic conditions.
  • Higher genetic diversity.
  • Higher yields when used for extracting organoleptic properties and contents, stemming from seeds that are obtained from selected plants that presented the highest vigour and adaptability at their natural habitats.
  • Their use favours knowledge about, the spreading of and sustainability of natural ecosystems and the respect for botanical biodiversity.


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