Process and Methods

The starting point for the processing that every one of our seeds undergoes is the wild habitat in which the seeds are gathered. These habitats can be found all over the Iberian Peninsula.

The proper identification of species in their natural habitats, is the basis of our productive process. The process of identification, selection and gathering, requires a laborious prospecting of habitats as well as pr suitable technical knowledge.

Once the species to be gathered are identified and selected, the process of requesting and obtaining the mandatory permits for gathering is started.

Once the required permits are obtained, our company's gathering team is deployed to the natural habitat to hand harvest the seeds, using methods that respect the plants and the replacement ratios to ensure sustenance of the natural habitat.

The harvested fruits or seeds are then transported to our facilities where they enter a thorough process of handling, identification and coding.

At the moment the seeds enter our facilities an internal id-code is assigned to the batch which ensures traceability.

For the processing of the fruits we work with special machines to ensure the best possible pureness, quality and viability. This way we easily comply with the requirements established in internacional rules for the marketing of organic matter.

Afterwards, the cleaned seeds are tested by the technical personel of our company's quality control department. These tests are basically focused on the study of 4 variables, needed for the proper marketing and distribution of the seeds; pureness, viability, relative weight and percentage of germination. For these tests we have at our disposal fully equiped facilities as well as established processes for analyzing seeds, as described by international rules for seed analysis (ISTA).

Once we analyse all information related to every seed batch, the information is stored in the database of our custum built ERP. This allows us to access the information at any time during the different stages of storage, conservation, sales, after-sales, tracing and quality control.

Summarized, our seed production process follows these stages:

  • Investigation and selection of seeds of species not yet marketed and with botanical or economic value.
  • Search and Prospection of habitats
  • Correct identification of species
  • Requesting permits for gathering from competent organisms.
  • Tracing of flowering processes and maturation of fruits and seeds.
  • Gathering process
  • Transport of fruits and seeds to our facilities
  • Processing (weighing, labelling, drying, extraction, selection, etc...)
  • Analysis and quality control
  • Storage
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Tracing, quality control of stock