Guaranteed from the Source

We are a company that works with seeds from wild flora, that over the years developed a technified, professional processing methodology. Our company is located in one of the most botanically diverse areas of our peninsular geography, on the slopes of the Sierra Morena, where we gather a large part of our products. This proximity allows for minimal transit times between harvesting the seeds and fruits and their processing and storage at our facilities, warranting traceability and quality the obtained seeds and fruits. 

Our guarantees :

  • Over 20 years of experience in the indigenous wild flora seeds area.
  • In-depth knowledge of handling, identifying, processing and reproduction of indigenous wild flora seeds.
  • We are the only company in Spain and Portugal dedicated solely to the gathering and marketing of indigenous wild flora seeds from all over the Iberian peninsula.
  • The widest variety of seeds from wild flora in Spain (over 850 species).
  • Our own harvesting team with over 20 years of experience in this sector.
  • Harvesting methods that respect plants and ecosystems using traditional, sustainable and ecological techniques.
  • Controlled harvesting sources with continuous prospecting and field inspections to guarantee the correct and best maturation level of the fruits and seeds.
  • Facilities and machinery optimized for processing, conservation and storage of seeds.
  • Quality Control department with laboratory and facilities for inhouse analysis and control as well as adherence to international protocols and guidelines (ISTA).
  • Periodic and permanent seed batch quality control.
  • Periodic tracking of gathering/production, marketing and sales history.
  • Certification of seeds according to guidelines established for the gathering of Forest Production Materials, warranting the origin and the quality of the offered seed batches.
  • Follow-up and supervision of executed restoration projects.
  • Professional counselling and individualized seed mix design based on technical criteria.
  • Our Advice based on Experience: the best guarantee for success in the area of restoration lies in the use of wild flora seeds harvest in or nearby the proper restoration area.