Where do our seeds come from

Over 80% of our seed production comes from hand harvesting wild plant and tree habitats by our seed gatherers who travel all over the Peninsula. We harvest in areas like the Cantabrian slope, the Pre-Pyrenees, interior plateaux, the Peninsular Levant and mostly at the Mediterranean slope and the Atlantic Southern Coast.

An important part of those seeds are gathered in areas with a high environmental value, like Wildlife Sanctuaries. These areas are catalogued as high quality areas because of the genetic pureness present. The seeds of trees and brushes gathered at these areas are the so called Certified Forest Production Materials.

These harvest are regulated by laws and subject to thorough controls by the qualified environmental authorities.

The rest of the seeds we commercialize come from crops grown by farmers with which our company has established a collaboration framework many years ago. These crops are grown from maximum quality hand harvested wild seeds at natural habitats.

The growing demand for certain seeds in recent years has triggered the development of this type of crops. Cultivating is the only way to attend this growing demand while preserving wild habitats, mostly for certain aromatic, medicinal and culinary species that have been overexploited in recent years.