What we do

At Cantueso Seeds, we gather seeds of wild trees, shrubs, plants en herbs in their natural environment all over the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal).

For that we count on a young and at the same time experienced team of highly qualified professionals as well as ample facilities that allow us to cover all different aspects of our activities productive process.

Our team takes care of the identification and monitoring of natural habitats of wild species fit for harvesting located at different parts of the peninsular geography. Our gatherers will then hand-harvest the fruits and seeds when they reach optimal maturation. At our facilities in Cordoba extraction, selection and analysis of the various batches takes place, after which they are stored for posterior commercialization with full guarantee of quality control.


Carried out at natural habitats all over the Iberian Peninsula by a team of professionally-qualified gatherers with advanced knowledge of indigenous flora, we use artisanal and respectful gathering-methods and mechanics for harvesting the wild plants and follow the strictest guidelines for manipulating and harvesting wild flora at all times.


The harvested fruits and seeds are transported to our facilities in Cordoba, where every species undergoes an exclusive process of identification, processing and selection, to obtain the best batches of seeds with the maximum quality guarantee ratio.

During a continuous process of innovation we developed various methods and designed our own equipment to assure fully artisanal cleaning procedures, which at the same time are efficient and environment-friendly without using chemical substances or artificial additives.


The obtained seeds are tested at our quality control laboratory, where pureness, vitality and germinative capabilities of every batch are tested, following the international guidelines for seed analysis (ISTA norms).


The batches that, after processing and analysis, uphold the strict and correct quality standards are stored in our seed storing chambers at optimal temperature and humidity to assure perfect conservation of their attributes and germination capability.


Our work culminates with the marketing and direct distribution of our seeds. We offer multiple formats and products to attend the specific needs of our diverse clientele. We offer all seeds in various formats; seeds packed on a per species bases, seed mixes for hydroseeding, seeds germination blankets for restorations, certified forest production materials, functional ground-cover for agriculture... and much more.

Technical Advice:

We offer Technical Advisory Services to help select the best species of wild flora for serving the various specific requirements our customers may put forth, like seed analysis and on demand harvesting, seed mix design for specific purposes, etc.

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